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The Bobo Gallery
Art, paintings, accessories( jewellery, decoration...), children clothes from French and Swedish artists. 100% in exclusivity.
Welcome to the Gallery (in Stockholm) and be the first one to discover the exclusive creators of the first Bourgeois-Bohème collection in Sweden.
To discover some artists that you can find at the Bobo Gallery in Gamla Stan have a look in the Bobo artists category.

About me
A French Bo-bo parisian who fell in love with a Swedish guy and moved to Stockholm.

Tavla av kronprinsessan Victoria

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Wed, June 09, 2010 16:19:55

Painting from Corinne Dalle-Ore (50cmx 50cm Digigraphy)

Cf The BoBo artists category

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Danijela and her bobo´s illustrations

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Tue, October 20, 2009 17:34:56

Welcome to Danijela Dobric : a new bobo illustratrice designer in the BoBo Gallery.

Welcome to her poetic and fun univers : we are completly fan!!!

After some studies in London she is back in Stockholm. She had already worked for several american and swedish magazines and also for different museums. She has been selected in the 200 best illustrations 2009 in Luerzer´s Archive.

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New Kitchen Art so BoBo !

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Wed, September 02, 2009 16:52:23

The new Corinne Dalle Ore´s kitchen Art. we adoooore!

Is there something more BoBo than having a painting in its kitchen?

Organic 20 cmX 20cm

Radis 20cm x 20 cm

Hot peppers 20cm x 20 cm

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The new Bobo vintage sneakers from the 50´s

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Tue, April 07, 2009 16:08:50

Hurry up at the Bobo Gallery if you want to have yours before everyone else!

Shan Dongs («East of the mountains » in Mandarin) are original chinese sneakers created a few years after «The Peoples’ Republic of China». Originally made for schools and universities, Shan Dongs became very popular throughout all social classes for sports and leisure. In the last decade however the unique Shan Dong model, which existed for more than 50 years, was slowly forgotten.

In 2006, Olivier Kervern an independant photographer, stays for month in China for a photographic journey. During this trip, he visited the little Shan Dong factory. He liked the model and decided to export these vanishing vintage shoes for the first time outside China . With his friend, Bijan Anquetil ( a film-maker), he went back to Shan dong province and started to design a new collection in collaboration with the historic factory of « Shan Dong », keeping the spirit of the original vintage model.

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Sophia Wallgren and her spring collection

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Sat, March 14, 2009 15:30:43

We love the humour and the coolness of the spring collection of Sophia Wallgren, a Swedish ceramic designer!

Spermatozoid egg cup

Ceramic boxes with electric cable

Ceramic brooch with electric cable and pearls

Ceramic Mugg with crochet piece (future collection)

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Emma MargaBlanche loves making the impossible possible with poetry

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Wed, March 11, 2009 16:39:20

and The Bobo Gallery loves to exhibit some creations (Prototypes) of the SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS collection from Emma MargaBlanche.

Emma who is French and Swedish has been selected to the Greenhouse =Young designers corner during the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009= the French Fair Maison et Objets. In her poetic collection we can notice her double cultural inspiration with the simplicity and the praticality (Swedish side) and the fantasy (French side).

The picnic basket with its pillow in toile de Jouy textil: my favourite soooooo Bobo!

(Gossip:a famous Swedish singer (Adam.T----a) has already ordered some for his studio

Emma Poppins : the chalk board decal : a vintage memory!

Stic : the modular wool carpet with endless possibilities: perfect for the Bobos who always change their furniture arrangements, Feng Shui obliged!

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Rock attitute at the Bobo Gallery!

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Tue, December 09, 2008 17:35:30

Because at the Bobo Gallery we are also rock´n´roll...

A new Bobo creator with a rock´n´roll attitude !

Rockefella is a a new Swedish denin brand for children. Rockefella is about simple children´s garments that look the same as grown up clothes, but with the right functions for children.

For the jeans, ACNE must be careful, a competitor is in the place!

Blog Image

Blog ImageBlog Image

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The new sunny swedish clogs

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Fri, July 18, 2008 16:39:11

Welcome to a new creator Beak Boots in the Bo-Bo Gallery and its fresh design sunny clogs!

The clog is a classic traditional footwear that has been made by hand for hundreds of years. In Sweden, the shoe is made with a sole of wood and leather hood. This unisex, ageless shoe gained huge popularity in 1970s fashion and was used by everyone - children, adults, men and women alike. It was not uncommon to paint something on the shoes, like a peace sign or a flower.

Beak Boots chose to produce their version "Clumsy", of this timeless footwear because of its many uses, as well as its vibrant history and tradition. The days of clogs are back and captured in two different takes on the classic shoe - one naturally tanned leather that will mature with the seasons, and one Sunny Yellow that really screams out summer. In either case, Beak Boots have done what they did with the Classic Beak Boot – refined a classic, timeless look a new, fresh design.

Blog Image

Blog Image

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The new collection of Mattin´s necklaces

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Thu, July 03, 2008 15:41:56

I became a fan of Mattin´s necklaces at the first sight more than one year ago.

As the so talented creator says:

Mattin is a young brand for every little one of us who wants to feel just a tiny bit more beautiful.

With a new-thinking design, Mattin is the right brand for you who wants to be like no one else or just like everybody else but with a slight difference.

The “chic and bling bling” brand Mattin is unisex, it really is unisex this time, for sure unisex, BOYS!

The Bobo advice : have yours in first!!!

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An individual look for your child

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Sat, April 12, 2008 13:19:37

Smallstep designs children clothes with simple, clean linens to create a contemporary style.

All Smallstep garments are designed and manufactured in Stockholm. They come in a range of neutral colours, so they are easy to mix and match with your child’s wardrobe and accessories to create an individual look AND an individual look it is so Bobo!!!

Blog Image

Blog Image

Blog Image

Blog Image

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French trendy bracelets

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Tue, April 08, 2008 17:37:38

In the Bobo Gallery you can also find some small trendy bracelets with fine stones (amethyste, quartz rose, quartz fumé). These fine stones make easier the way of the energy in your wrist!

And some with different silver medal for children as well as adults(several colors of cord)

The best of , "maman je t'aime". Don´t miss the Mother Day!!!

Blog ImageBlog Image

Blog Image

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French delightful children clothes

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Wed, April 02, 2008 16:54:32

Marie Puce’s style plays on the simplicity of the cuttings where the finishing is refined and often surprising. The pure and simple lines are underlined by contrasted and cheerful details. Marie Puce favors genuine and noble materials like the Liberty and the cotton poplin. The chic design models are mainly manufactured in France.

So cute, so chic!!!

Blog ImageFrom 2 years to 6 years

Blog Image

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The most poetic home linen

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Tue, April 01, 2008 14:53:59

La cerise sur le gâteau *Ndt: The sherry on the cake, or the art of customizing a French-made household linen.

Created by the textile designer Anne Hubert, “La Cerise sur le Gâteau”* is a linen brand with off beat and poetic accessories, combining French tradition and customizing. The designer silk-screens cotton mix fibres dish clothes, tickings, table clothes and napkins and add a touch of humour and modernity to them. Spotted dresses and shoes with fluorescent colours brighten our basic clothing!

Ravissant, beautiful!!!

The pillows covers or cushions covers

Blog Image

The napkins or serviettes

Blog Image

The tea towels

Blog ImageThe aprons

Blog Image

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The most trendy fair trade baby sneakers

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Sat, March 29, 2008 14:19:36

They are so trendy in France you can also find it in the shop of one of the most famous art modern Museum in Paris: le Palais de tokyo.

Veja BêBê is a line of organic and fair trade baby sneakers, manufactured in a social association helping young people in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The collection of Veja BêBê is made of ecological leather: chrome-free leather tanned with organic compounds like acacia extracts. The sneakers are manufactured by youngsters who belong to a social association in a poor district of Porto Alegre. Making the Veja BêBê sneakers allows them to learn an actual profession in footwear, the main industrial activity of Porto Alegre, and to go to university at the same time.

We love fair trade!

Blog Image

3 colors, 3 sizes

Blog Image

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Ulrika Swärd and her amazing Design

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Sat, March 29, 2008 13:35:13

Ulrika said: “With the tag I wanted to make a piece of jewelry that would appeal to both men and women. A piece with a strong graphic design that could be acknowledged from a distance. It also has an ironic touch to it, wearing a price-tag made out of silver or gold!”

A silver or gold tag etiquette without price because of course we are so wonderful that we don´t have any price!!!

You can wear it in bracelet, necklace or to decorate your mobile, your jean´s...I love it!

Blog Image

Blog Image

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The most original and romantic wall decals

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Fri, March 28, 2008 17:10:49

Sofia Antonovich (half Swedish) and Pierre-Yves Toudic, the Parisian duo who created «Les Invasions Ephémères», generated the international craving for wall decals, a trend that emerged on the Parisian scene in 2005.
«Les Invasions Ephémères» get their inspiration from the theme of romanticism «à la française». Immerse yourself in this imagination in which butterflies and dragonflies take you to a nostalgic universe, rediscover the baroque style of old Parisian apartments, bring an enchanting touch to your home, brighten up your cars, computers and scooters with pop colors! Their wall decals decorate all smooth surfaces.

Discover also to the Bobo Gallery, the fire place, the poppies, the Eiffel tower, the apple tree to mesurate children...and more.

Their design is so elegant!

Blog Image

For a so romantic bedroom, the headboard adaptable to all double beds.

Blog Image

The spring enters in your home with the red branch.

Blog Image

The mirror and the 2 candles sticks with a Corinne Dalle-Ore painting (also in The Bobo artists category)

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Corinne Dalle-Ore

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Wed, March 26, 2008 15:46:18

Paintor born in Saint Tropez SO CHIC, she lives and works in Paris

Exhibitions in 2007 (Paris, New York, London, Brussels)

Opposed to serial production, Corinne centers her art on themes where body, form and text intermingle and blend in a melodious interpretation of modern living. Inspired by various issues of daily life, from traffic jams to symbols of the fashion world, and using different styles such as “kitchen art” with refrigerators and kitchen utensils, hers is an art in continuous evolution. The colorist solutions, calligraphy and imaginative experiments with different materials give evidence to an art of maturity. Each painting tells its own story with colors, shapes and words describing a particular moment in life.

Painting "Paris 5 H bleu Tour Eiffel"


Blog Image

Painting "Skansen, gris"


Blog Image

Painting New-York "Traffic in the city, gris"


Blog Image

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Kavel Rafferty

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Tue, March 25, 2008 16:51:43

Kavel and her sophisticated collection

Kavel is an English artist living and working in Stockholm. She produces sophisticated modern illustrations and prints with a retro feel. Combining print techniques, drawing, found imagery, painting and collage to create her unique images. Kavel's work is very versatile. Applications vary from fashion print, illustration and graphics. Kavel's prints are fresh, thoughtful and occasionally funny with a twist of bitter sweet.

Her gorgeous calender, "Hello kitten" limited edition print

Blog ImageBlog Image

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Marianne Peltzer

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Tue, March 25, 2008 16:17:18

Parisian Paintor

Exhibitions in 2007 (Paris, her work for Petit Bateau went from Tokyo to New York and from Barcelona to Milan)

The sensual pleasure of touching, exploring materials and feeling their texture are at the origin of the work of artist Marianne Peltzer. Because each object always leaves a trace, an imprint. For the strangeness of their feeling or their shape, she paints these objects, takes their impression on silk paper, and tells their story with words and colors to give them a second life. Through her current exhibition of imprints of underwear, in particular, she recalls intimacy, emotions and the fleeting sensation.

Painting "Ce qui était secret, What was secret" Diptyque Série 62


Blog Image

Blog Image

Painting "Rose noire, the black rose" : so perfect in a bedroom!


Blog Image

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