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The Bobo Gallery
Art, paintings, accessories( jewellery, decoration...), children clothes from French and Swedish artists. 100% in exclusivity.
Welcome to the Gallery (in Stockholm) and be the first one to discover the exclusive creators of the first Bourgeois-Bohème collection in Sweden.
To discover some artists that you can find at the Bobo Gallery in Gamla Stan have a look in the Bobo artists category.

About me
A French Bo-bo parisian who fell in love with a Swedish guy and moved to Stockholm.

Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Wed, October 03, 2012 11:23:41

Do not miss the Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm the 4-7 October in Frihamnshallen

The BoBo artist Corinne Dalle-Ore will be exhibite there!

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Soon in exclusivity "la petite couleur " from Fredrik Färg at the BoBo Galley

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Sat, August 14, 2010 14:50:01

She is on her way!!! ..In the beginning of September The first "petite couleur" from Fredrik Färg will be welcoming at the BoBo Gallery.

Fredrik Färg one of the most trendy swedish designer creates for the first time a mini of his famous chair.

Wait and see...

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The BoBo wedding exhibition

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Tue, June 08, 2010 10:23:41

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Wedding exhibition at The BoBo Gallery

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Mon, June 07, 2010 16:12:45

The BoBo Gallery and Bénédicte Chapuis, Corinne Dalle-Ore, Christián Serrano, Danijela Dobric, Emma Hedberg, Fredrik Färg, Hale Gungor, Karina Pioner, Kerstin Arfwedson, Laura Cocchi, Lisa Lancing, Marianne Peltzer, Mattin, Mirette Guldstrand, Märta Rovin, Nathalie Ged, Sylvain Runberg, Teres Selberg, Tina Kentner, Valérie Debray, Viviane Hedberg
are pleased to invite you to
the collective exhibition on the theme of wedding!
During the month of June 2010!
We are not so interested in the debate to be for or against the monarchy. We just love art and we love to create!
The wedding theme has been our pretext to gather artists and arts from different cultures around the same subject so to see their creations and their different visions of the same theme!
The BoBo Gallery
Svartmangatan 10
111 29 Stockholm
Openning hours: Monday-Friday 2pm -6pm, Saturday 12pm- 17pm

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Be creative around the wedding´s theme regarding the Princessa Victoria´s wedding

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Thu, March 04, 2010 17:13:40

The 19th of June 2010 will be the Princessa Victoria´s wedding in Stockholm. The Hotels are already fully booked, the event will be huge, lots of people will be in Stockholm around this periode.
As often we will participate also at this event but in a little different way.
If you are artist, creator, designer or whatever and the wedding´s theme and particularly the Princessa Victoria´s wedding inspire you for arty, funny, kitsh, glamourous, creations then contact us!

The BoBo Gallery is in Gamla Stan and we can exhibite you during this periode.

Every kind of creation can be accepted.
Send a picture of your creations with the descriptif to

So have fun, be bobo, let´s go create and send the information to your friends


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Winter break @the BoBo Gallery

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Tue, January 19, 2010 15:56:19

The BoBo Gallery will be closed from the 20th of January to the 11th of February 2010.

New collections after the break...

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The Bobo Gallery in vacations!!!

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Fri, July 24, 2009 15:35:16

The BoBo Gallery will be closed between the 26th of July and the 14th of August.

Opening the 1st of August between the 12pm and 17pm!!!!

Have some wonderful vacations...

Bleu Blanc Rouge Party on the Stockholm´s roofs!!!

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A BoBo Event : Landscape i Stockholm

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Tue, June 30, 2009 16:01:36

During the Landscape event : an exhibition- party, the BoBo Gallery had presented 4 of its artists : Corinne Dalle-Ore, Emma Marga Blanche, Pierre Dixsault and Mattin and had a created a chill out decor for the party: The BoBo pic nic area in door.

It was so great. Thanks to everyone who had participated!!

They spoke about it

The BoBo pic nic area in door!

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A BoBo creation for the Princess Victoria´s wedding

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Mon, June 22, 2009 09:52:31

In exclusivity the BoBo Gallery presents its creation for the Princess Victoria´s wedding. Soon all the collection will be ready for women, men and children...

I love * to be your Prinsessa (* want) ©

I love * to be your Prinse (* want)©

Be the first one : Buy your prototype before the summer...

You can buy it during the Landscape´s event the 25th of June in Astoria in Stockholm or at the BoBo Gallery or you can order...

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The Bobo Gallery invites you to an event the 25th of June

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Fri, June 19, 2009 08:17:17

Book the 25th of June in your agenda I will come back with more information after Midsommar.

To my readers from Sweden have a beautiful Midsommar with the 7 seven flowers, games, snaps, dance....

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Birth of the BoBo Movement i Stockholm

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Sat, June 13, 2009 13:50:08

You have Facebook so become a member of I love the BoBo Movement i Stockholm. You will be inform, invit to the BoBo events...

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A Bobo artist at the International Design Festival in Berlin

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Sat, May 30, 2009 15:07:38

The 7th edition of DMY International Design Festival “Same same, but different” will kick off in the 4th of June. Showcasing works by internationally acclaimed designers as well as reveilling prototypes by the young talent the festival this year especially focuses on design that makes a difference. Of course nowadays everything happens in Berlin!

We are pleased to congratulate one of the new artist of The BoBo Gallery who has been selected to participate at the DMY Festival.

Grattis and good luck to Emma Marga Blanche!!!

Emma and her so chic "pic nic baskets" ( available at the Bobo Gallery IN EXCLUSIVITY!)

Emma and her creations

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Exclusivity for Sweden, Bobo as Angelina Jolie

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Wed, May 20, 2009 15:54:46

In exclusivity for Sweden, discover at the Bobo Gallery Little Pim which is an award winning DVD foreign language series for young children, babies and toddlers.

Imagine your wonderful young child ask you something ended by " s´il te plaît mamma or mummy chérie"!!! So cute so Bobo...

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The new most Bobo perfume

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Fri, April 03, 2009 16:11:00

After the opening of its first shop in NYC, the most French Bobo creator Zadig & Voltaire is launching its new exclusive perfume "Tome1 la pureté" created by the soooooooooo Bobo perfume creator : LELABO.

Lelabo, created by 2 French guys, offers some exclusive perfumes "made-to-order" like this it can retain the fullness of its fragrance.! Because of course you are unique so you should have a unique perfume! Isn´t it sooooooo BoBo...

We love their perfumes, their packaging, their web site and in particular an artist who likes LeLabo with his animation film. It is Hannes. H, bass player for the rock group Lodger.


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Premiere of Millenium, Stieg Larsson

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Thu, February 26, 2009 10:11:05

On Friday, it is the Premiere of Millenium and for once I am really disappointed with my swedish level!

For my French readers in France you will have to wait until the May 13 during the opening of Festival de Cannes...

Män som hatar kvinnor, a scandinavian production.

Lisbeth och Mikael

Swedish teaser (more interesting than the French one)

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The Bobo Gallery will be closed until the 15th of February

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Wed, January 21, 2009 17:03:58


Closed till the 15th of February. We will come back with lots of Bobo news from a Bobo eco trip!

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Exhibition Petit Bateau

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Sat, January 17, 2009 16:13:12

The new creation of Marianne Peltzer and Pierrot Dixsaut for the famous French brand Petit bateau.They are already Bobo Gallery´artists!

Short stop motion movie for "Le Bestiaire", an exhibition by Marianne Peltzer for Petit Bateau.

Marianne Peltzer created animals using the classic models of french manufacturer Petit Bateau for an exhibition full of imagination and childhood memories. Very funny and interesting, the exhibition allowed childs to join an "atelier" and create their own animal with a few pieces of fabrics.

Three stop motion movies were made to give more life to these animals.

Photography & animation by the ill-studio :

Le Mouton :

La Sauterelle :

La Tortue :

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SALES Merry Christmas

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Wed, December 10, 2008 14:49:50

Offer original and not expensive Christmas gifts : not everyone can do it!

Blog Image

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Kavel, a Bobo Gallery artist is inspired by the winter!

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Tue, November 04, 2008 17:31:57

For the 'Snow Show' Kavel has created frozen Swedish ice maidens (Liselotte, Pia and Stina to name a few) trapped in silvery winter wonderlands, blizzards and snowy landscapes.

Each is an original print.

Blog Image

Blog Image

Blog Image

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New creations of Corinne Dalle-Ore : a Bobo Gallery´artist!

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Tue, November 04, 2008 17:01:14

The robots are a BoBo Gallery´s exclusivity...Hurry up if you love them!

Paintings 50cm x 50cm mixt technic

Blog Image

Blog Image

Blog Image

For more explanation about the artist, please have a look in the category of The Bobo artists in this blog.

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What´s up for the Bobo people in Paris?

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Fri, September 19, 2008 11:04:12

My 3 Bobo favourites :

1- A Kräfta Party in Versailles ´casttle

translation a Crayfish or Ecrevisse Party in Chateau de Versailles.( The Crayfish Party is very popular and very fun in Sweden during the summer)

(even if it is a lobster at the end...)

and more seriously The Jeff Koons exhibition until yhe 14th of December.

This US very talented artist also called the King of the kitsch creates the polemics in Versailles.The meeting between 2 cultures, we love it is so Bobo!!!

Blog Image

Blog Image

2- The Vintage Fair (2nd edition) the 27th and the 28th of September

Mode- furnitures- accessories from the 60´s. A special the Orange´s years for this edition.

Nathalie Crasset, one of the most famous French designer did the scenography and the place is the fashion temple of Pierre Cardin on the Champs Elysées.

Blog Image

Blog Image

3- The restaurant the cul de Poule (9th district)

First if I have to translate Cul de poule means the bottom of the chicken but it is also this pink cooking utensil !!!!

Blog Image

This new trendy restaurant with traditionel cooking is so good.

We love the grand mother rewieving recipes, the convivial place, the surprising graphism in the bathroom, the machine to cut the ham in the middle of the room.

The Bobo advice : don´t forget to ask for your free bracelet " et mon cul c´est du poulet" translation : "and my bottom is it chicken? " It is a old French expression !!

Blog Image

Cul de poule 53 rue des Martyrs 75009 PARIS

Blog Image

Graphism in the bathroom by Shobo Shobo

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The bobo Gallery does a little parisian break

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Sat, September 06, 2008 15:16:01

The BoBo Gallery will be closed until the 17th of September but will be open the 12th and the 13th of September between 12pm and 17pm

See you soon!!!

Blog Image

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Nice Bobo stories at Formex in Stockholm

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Fri, August 29, 2008 09:21:08

I have been told 3 very nice stories when I went to Formex yesterday.

My 3 "chouchoux" ou my 3 favourites and may be 3 futur Bobo creators you will find in the Gallery.

1-The norwegian sweater body by UGLY

Completly in the trend !!!

It started with three men* and a baby. A really small boy. And with him came the need for very small clothing. Even though approximately one half of the babies in the world are boys, it seems all the baby clothes are made for girls by girls. This is why Ugly™ Children’s Clothing was born some months after little Jesper. . The second Ugly™ Collection is a range of baby bodies for boys and girls with balls. Elegantly wrapped in our exclusive Ugly™ Body Bags™.

* André Jåtog, Aleksander Herresthal & Eivind Stoud Platou

Blog Image

Blog Image

Blog Image

Blog Image

Others text: my real dad is in prison- are you talking to me?.etc

2-Red Light Hk

It gives a very glowing light and I love their Installation. A futur classic!

Redlight HK is a plastic lampshade with a colourful history and designer aspirations.

Thomas Gardner MA RCA and Mikael Lundh BA (Hons) are taking a much beloved icon of Hong Kong streetmarkets to the stylish livingrooms of Europe.

"After over thirty years of hard work in the crowded side-streets of Hong Kong, shining on fishmongers and fruit-stalls alike, the charming little lamp 'that could' is now becoming available to buy in Europe. With its colourful history of oriental street-life and warm, inviting glow, we are sure that this iconic lampshade will find a home in many of livingroom, bedroom and all around the house. Just like its birthplace Hong Kong, the lamp reflects a joyful mix of oriental and western style, allowing it to complement even the most stylish surroundings.

Blog Image

Blog Image

3- The romantic graphism of Lisa Bengtsson

I love her new graphism for her plates and pillows.

Blog Image

Blog Image

Formex is taking place until the 31st of August in Stockholm.

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The Bobo Gallery will be closed until the 14th of August

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Thu, July 24, 2008 15:19:43

From the 25th of July until the 14th of August the Bobo Gallery will be closed.

Have nice vacations!

Lots of news when I come back with in particular some Street Art with Piero of Urban Chaos...

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The summer Bobo Vernissage!

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Thu, July 03, 2008 16:40:32

The Bobo Gallery organized its summer Vernissage last week end! It was a flourish, joyful and friendly Vernissage with lots of children everywhere, some French wine and a good mix between French and Swedish language. This was thanks to everyone who was there.

So thank you to Toni, the family, the French and Swedish friends, the creators, the clients, the camera....

A special thank to the parisian guests who have just come for the week end: the French Bobo paintor Marianne Peltzer and her new amazing paintings that you can discover below. And of course to Carola and Damien. Encore merci...

These new paintings are very special and unique. For the first time in her work, Marianne Peltzer uses swedish words...

Because for her each object always leaves a trace, an imprint. For the strangeness of their feeling or their shape, she paints these objects, takes their impression on silk paper, and tells their story with words and colors to give them a second life. You can discover more in the the bobo artists category in this blog or at the Bobo Gallery!


Blog Image

Painting "Bebis"40cmx 40cm

Blog Image

Painting "Herr Bebis"40cmx 40cm

Blog ImagePainting "Flicka, Pojke"50cmx 50cm

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The launching of the new album of the amazing swedish group The Studio

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Wed, June 11, 2008 17:04:29

After their excellent West Coast Album, Dan Lissvig and Rasmus Hägg , the swedish duo of experimental/pop/afrobeat publishes now its annual compilation of remixes called Year Book 2. In france as in Sweden they become more and more popular...

Blog Image

Blog Image

The launching is the23rd of June, you should be in the first ones to discover it !

Listening is compulsory!!!

Sample of their new album YEAR BOOK 2 :

the promotional experimental video of their excellent album West Coast :

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Ora Ïto: the French, trendy designer and his new project and product

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Fri, May 30, 2008 17:20:27

Ora Ïto was born in 1977 in Marseille. He begins his career at the end of 1990s by creating fake objects of famous brands. He designed ‘ads' for a Louis Vuitton bag and a camouflage-patterned carrying case for a Mac laptop and launched them on the Internet ... as if they really existed!

Blog Image

Blog Image

Pretty soon the big brands discovered his abuse of their name... and they loved it. This collection of imaginary items was viewed around the world and so emerged the very first virtual label. Fiction became reality when people tried to order his virtual products from his website.

In 2002, Ora-ïto is rewarded by the Oscar du Meilleur packaging in the Oscars of the Design for its aluminum bottle for beers Heineken. He is also the author of the internal design of the restaurant-club Cab of Paris as well as the visual identity of the television channel Pink TV.Blog Image

He is creating real products for an impressive range of clients : L'Oréal, le magazine Vogue, Adidas, Kenzo, the groupe AIR, Honda, Guerlain, Swatch, Nike…

Now Ora Ïto and real estate entrepreneurs have teamed up with a new concept of luxury housing and resorts around the globe. The new brand is called LH&R-Luxury Houses & Resorts, a Paris based development-design joint venture. Advanced design will be delivered through the O-BY ORA-ITO brand. The O team will be the lifestylers of the new generation to meet people’s expectations for their living and working spaces. Leila Othman, O director and Partner said “People want a different lifestyle, a design that opens their space and that is environmental friendly. I believe that O is an answer to such expectations”. The developments are based on four design pillars through “the O collection”: Urban Loft, Natural Chic, Pop Fun and Neo Barocco. It is to followed…

We love his UFO - Unidentified Fire Object, designed for Climart Fire Design. It is an equitable ethanol burner. This object is very Bobo.Blog Image

During shiny nights on your terrace, Fire illuminates your garden, takes part of your parties. Autumn-Winter, it is burning in the living room fireplace. It is the "Object Deco", unavoidable in conviviality places. .
A simple use, without any constrains... No pipes, no smoke, the Climart Fire burn with vegetal cartridges. Climart rethinks Fire !

Buy it to a good price to

Said that you want to register and I will sponsor you. Send me your email to

Ora Ïta follows every trends, he is everywhere and therefore to the Festival de Cannes with is girl friend Vahina Giocante.

Blog Image

Blog Image

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Celebration of the Bobo Movement in Paris

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Tue, May 13, 2008 17:15:49

Until the 17th of May, discover to PRINTEMPS (one of the most famous department Store in Paris), events, exhibitions and workshops about the Bobo (Bourgeois Boheme) movement translated for the occasion Luxe Boheme.

This is a very nice retrospective of hippie chic fashion until nowadays.

If you want to know if you are Bobo have a look to the blogg category Are you a Bobo?

Blog Image

If you want to know more about this event in Paris:

The windows displays

Trends or how to be dressed

Magazine Luxe Bohème

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Don´t miss the mother day! The 25th of May

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Thu, May 08, 2008 15:46:15

For you or for your mother I did a gifts selection in the Bobo Gallery for this special day. In the category of the Bobo ARTISTS you can find all details on the different Bobo Creators.

The Bobo advice : URGENT, give the Bobo Gallery adress to your husband and your children (there are some affordable items).

Svartmangatan 10 in Gamla Stan. You are welcome!


Bracelet "Maman Je t´aime" ,"Mummy I love you"-Gili & Cie-

Blog Image

The trendy French bracelets with different forms and colors.(between 215 and 330 SEK)

If you or she loves shoes

Blog Image

The romantic pillow cover 65cmx65cm (from 315 SEK) )- La cerise sur le gâteau-Blog Image

The beautiful tea towel ( 228 SEK) )- La cerise sur le gâteau-

Blog Image

The lovely key ring in brown leather (80 SEK) -Kavel Rafferty-

Blog Image

The cute A6 note book with retro shoes motif hand printed (90 SEK) -Kavel Rafferty-

The very chic items

Blog Image

The tree necklace of Mattin (from 625 SEK)

Blog Image

The so so chic napkin with black or pink Camée (from 170 SEK)- La cerise sur le gâteau-

Blog Image

The " plafonnier" decal in silver (490 SEK)- Les invasions ephémères-

Blog Image

The silver poppies decal 1m65 (490 SEK)- Les invasions ephémères-

Because she has no price...

Blog Image

The silver or gold price tag necklace (from 450 SEK)- Ulrika Swärd-

AND original be Bobo

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I am back!!! Re opening of the Bobo Gallery

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Wed, May 07, 2008 17:14:19

Hi everybody !

I am back with lots of Bobo news from Marrakech and Paris and lots of novelties for The Bobo Gallery.

In my last post I asked you where is the place on the picture. It was la Plage rouge (the red Beach) in Marrakech!!! Some place are so incredible that you really don´t miss the sea...

But now I have been there I have to present to you the most Bobo place in Marrakech.

Definitively it is the Murano Oriental resort in "la Palmeraie " in Marrakech. All was incredible. The welcoming (a special thanks to Julie), the decoration, the light, the food, the garden, the red swimming pool...It was just AMAZING!

The Bobo advice: Don´t miss the brunch on Saturdays and Sundays , the buffet is excellent.

I am sure you will enjoy the moment as I did with some best friends for the Jé´s Birthday. It is unforgettable, Je vous aime!

Blog Image

Blog Image

Blog Image

There is also a Murano in Paris and it ís a nice bobo place to have a drink.

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The Bobo Gallery will be closed during 12 days

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Tue, April 22, 2008 16:49:33

From the 23rd of April to the 6th of May the Bobo Gallery will be closed.

Sorry for that but don´t worry lots of surprises will be planned for May...

Have you got any suggestion about where is this BoBo place ??

Blog Image

When I come back I will tell you...

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The fashion of Fifi Lapin

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Mon, April 14, 2008 19:27:15

Soon Fifi Lapin (Fifi rabbit!) will be back!!!


Blog Image

Blog ImageBlog Image

For waiting, have a look of this little movie that one of her fan did.

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David LaChapelle in Stockholm

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Mon, April 14, 2008 19:09:06

Thanks to a "sunny Sunday" I went to the exhibition of this very specific photographer! The place : the Factory in Stockholm from 12 april to 11

The little Bobo advice: You should wait until next Friday because they don´t have yet the posters and post cards of the pictures!!!!

My favourites

Blog Image

Blog Image

Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog Image

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A bobo Movie : Gadjo Dilo

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Thu, March 27, 2008 16:57:46

If you live in Sweden and if you have the Silver Chanel TV, you have to watch this French Movie. For the bobo community out of Sweden or without Silver Chanel you really have to find it!

Don´t miss it, it is a little jewellery!!!

The pitch: A young Parisian travels in Romania to search a mysterious gypsy singer. He becomes involved with the group of gypsies and eventually becomes integrated into their community. It is presented in documentary style, with the Parisian experiencing the various trials and lifestyles of the Gypsy clan he becomes a part of.

A movie directed by Tony Gotlif with Romain Duris, Rona Hartner....Blog Image

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Repetto special collection

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Wed, March 26, 2008 17:14:24

A very Bobo shoes and a very Bobo event

So casual chic

To celebrate Repetto’s 60th anniversary, the famous ballet brand tapped 60 international figures to design shoes and tutus for the brand. Starting January 15th, the collection will be on window display in NY’s Bergdorf Goodman before moving on to Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Milan, etc. At the conclusion of Repetto’s 60th anniversary worldwide tour, the collection will be auctioned off for charity.

You can discover by yourself this mythical french brand... Serge Gainsbourg, Mick Jagger, Brigitte Bardot and nowadays Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker....

My favourites

Blog Image

A reissue of Brigitte Bardot’s flats which were worn for the movie “And God Created Woman.” Brigitte Bardot updated the flats with heart and daisy embellishments.

Blog Image

When she created it, Carla Bruni was not yet the First French Lady...Just for fun.

Blog Image

Jean-Paul Gaultier is so talented and he is very kind, human. Je l´adore!!!!!

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