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The Bobo Gallery
Art, paintings, accessories( jewellery, decoration...), children clothes from French and Swedish artists. 100% in exclusivity.
Welcome to the Gallery (in Stockholm) and be the first one to discover the exclusive creators of the first Bourgeois-Bohème collection in Sweden.
To discover some artists that you can find at the Bobo Gallery in Gamla Stan have a look in the Bobo artists category.

About me
A French Bo-bo parisian who fell in love with a Swedish guy and moved to Stockholm.

Fan of Happy pills concept...

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Wed, October 03, 2012 11:37:28
Last week end I have discover this so fun candies store concept in Barcelona so BoBo!!!

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Some inspiration and my favourite designers just for you

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Mon, January 23, 2012 15:35:39

I went to Formex: Stockholm International Fair regarding nordic interior design.

Here are some pictures for inspiration and my favourites designers with a special dedication for the Danish design and the fair trade.

Some inspiration from Formex:

Ferm Living and its Danish retro but modern interior Design

Mona Strand and her Norwegian conceptual craft.

Emma och Malena and their vintage love boat clothes

Rie Elise Larsen and her Danish accessories for the home produced in India by hand.

The Monkey glasses: amazing glasses in false wood to travel the road with class.

They support the project for saving the Orangutan and the forest in Borneo

Anne Black a Danish ceramic artist

The Young Swedish designer Kristin Bille

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Bobo artistic installation on the Royal Wedding Day !

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Sat, August 14, 2010 14:08:06

BoBo artistic Installation (a chic guerilla marketing) early the royal wedding day, playing a little bit with the police.. Setting up of the Posters " Congratulations to the royal couple from the BoBo Gallery" design by Tina Kentner!

@ Hortoget

on the royal Lion (Drottinggatan)

@ Kultur Huset

on the parlement bridge

@ the royal Palace

the royal Palace

@ Stortoget i Gamla Stan at the Nobel price Museum

@ the wedding cathedral!!


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The fun bobo bracelet by Tina Kentner

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Wed, June 16, 2010 17:53:34

Bracelet and posters installation by the designer Tina Kentner



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The Polaroid comes back

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Fri, February 12, 2010 16:51:18

Polaroid is launching again an edition of the PIC 1000 with the films...

Remember remember, So Bobo. ..

Is it thanks to Lady Gaga their new artistic director???

The best : the scandinavian version

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New York in the fall...

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Sat, October 31, 2009 16:52:44

By Corinne Dalle-Ore

Have a look in the category of this blog : The Bobo artist.

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Fredrik Färg: The Bobo rising Star in the Swedish design

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Wed, October 28, 2009 15:35:23

Fredrik´s aim is to create poetry which will affect you emotionallly (because you will just love it) and physically (his chairs are so soft!) . He gives old chairs a new and glamorous life. Actually his chairs have just been acquired by the prestigious Nationalmuseum in Stockholm...

In summary: cosy, classy, recycled, so BoBo: Un must to have before anyone else!

Lycka till Fredrik!!

Chair cover dress photo Maria Salander

Fredrik @DMY a Berlin June 2009

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The BoBo top 3 in Formex!

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Fri, August 28, 2009 16:23:48

Formex is a fair about objects, handicraft, furnitures, decoration, textil... as "Maison et Objets" in Paris. Formex in Stockholm from 27-30 August 2009.

The BoBo Top 3

1- Muungano : a swedish design group with Martin(who looks like Sebastien Tellier or the contrary..), Peter and Lina.

The EIN Watch ( a prototype that I want right now!)

Husmus : the smart and beautiful recycling system

Different types and sizes of bags can be used in Husmus bag to sort your garbage and you are good looking when you go to throw away your garbage so ecological, so nice , so BoBo!

pictures Peter Thuvander

2 - Seat cover for bicycles from Finland from Hops Shop

NEVER WITHOUT my seat cover in felt with embroidery ...

2 designers from Finland

Design Johanna Högväg

Design Anna Wallendahl

3- ex - aequo

Emosa and its fairtrade rocks seats/pouffe. So realistic!!

Everville / Simon Key Bertman and its incredible ecological lamps and others stuffs

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The white diner in Paris so BoBo..

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Sat, June 13, 2009 13:41:11

This year, The White diner took place in place de la Concorde in Paris.

May be soon in Stockholm....So BoBo...

Thanks to Ingrid one´s of the BoBo queens for the pictures

Happy B. Lolotte!

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The singer Adiam Dymott is BoBo!

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Sat, May 30, 2009 13:11:47

Adiam Dymott, the swedish pop rock singer wears some Bobo jewellery. She has the whole collection of Mattin´s jewellery!!! Watch her clip Miss you and for more information about Mattin´s jewellery watch in the category the Bobo artists in this blog

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Do you have your lomographic camera?

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Tue, March 03, 2009 10:40:17

Sooooooooo BoBo!

180 degrees, over-saturared colors and fisheye!

Watch the story and the 10 golden rules and become also a lomographer!

After Paul Smith´one it is the turn of Colette!

Some examples of the lomograph´ style with pictures of Stockholm

(in Gamla Stan = the old city where is the Bobo Gallery)

Pictures from

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Mexicó : a perfect trip for BoBo´s

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Fri, February 20, 2009 14:08:41

Mexicó...Amazing Mexicó... Culture, Art, History, Nature, Eco-tourism, fresh food, friendly people and sooo colorful and relax: the paradise for the Bobo Travellers!

For "souvenir", a special corner Frida Kahlo is setting at the Bobo Gallery with unique pieces only! Special for Frida´s fans!

Frida Kahlo

San Juan de Chamulas (Chiapas)

San Cristobál de las Casas (Chiapas)

Isla Mujeres (Yucatán)

Isla Holbox (Yucatán)

Tulum (Yucatán)

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The penomenal LYKKE LI

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Wed, September 24, 2008 17:51:02


The new Swedish talent: Amazing!

Blog Image

This 22 years Swedish Pop Rock singer has not finished to make people speaking about her.

She will be in concert in Stockholm the 12th of December at Kagelbanan.

Do not miss it!

To wait for, have a look to these amazing videos.

I love the evolution between the different video between professional and amateur ones.

Blog Image


Little bit in Live in Södermalm

Little bit song


I´m Good, I´m Gone

The same song in The black cab session

The recording

The professional video clip

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The famous little duck for bathroom becomes Land Art

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Sat, May 31, 2008 16:49:46

Everyone knows this little duck or "canard de bain"

Blog Image

Blog Image

This little character has been declined a lot even in sex toy...

Blog Image

But now thanks to a very talented artist is becoming a piece of Art in the Land Art Movement.

One of the famous artist of the Land Art is the couple CHRISTO et Marie Jeanne and the wrapping of the Pont des Arts in Paris and their " ephemeral Installation" in the Central Park In New York .

Blog Image

Blog Image

As them, this artist Florentinjn Hofman who comes from The Netherlands, wants in his huge spectacular monochrome Installations to give a message of peace.

Look as his incredible work

About his rubber duck he said :A yellow spot on the horizon slowly approaches the coast. People have gatherd and watch in amazement as a giant yellow Rubber Duck approaches. The spectators are greeted by the duck, which slowly nods its head. The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn't discriminate people and doesn't have a political connotation. The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: it can relieve mondial tensions as well as define them. The rubber duck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages!

Blog Image

Blog Image

Blog Image

Some of his other works

Blog Image

Blog Imagesome of his works in progress

Blog Image

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The French phenomenon : Sébastien Tellier

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Tue, May 20, 2008 14:40:49

I am surprising myself to write about the Eurovision song contest 2008 but new things happen this year.

First, in my new country, Sweden, I don´t again understand why but here the Eurovision is a huge event in the country. More than half of the population (around 4.5 millions) followed the selections for the Eurovision!

In my case, I don´t have any memory to have watched one time the Eurovision. In France, the young people are not so interested by it (and of course I am very young!!!!).

May be it is a coincidence because I am living now in Sweden but something is sure this year I will follow the final not with my French flag (it is not Bobo) but with my tee-shirt I love SEB.

Yes because I ADOOORE Sébastien Tellier, the singer will represent France for the Eurovision. He is so Bobo!

Blog Image

For the first time in France, there is a pop electro music in this competition and which one!!!

With his song “Divine” Sébastien Tellier represent the new French musical trends. His last album called Sensuality is co-produced with a member of Daft Punk.Blog Image.

With his kitsch and “décalé”(= you have to take it at the 2nd or 3rd dedree) style, Sébastien will represent perfectly the French touch !!!Even if we don´t win,

And I am sure that for once in France the young people will follow the competition!

Allez Seb !!! He is so Bobo!

Enjoy the official clip of Divine

Blog Image

I love also the song "Roche"

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This summer, the trend is the Liberty textil

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Wed, May 14, 2008 17:34:21

This summer, the liberty textil is everywhere in the fashion : blouses, dresses, sneakers, underwears, decoration,.... and in the Bobo Gallery of course!

This special textil with its little flowers was created in 1939 by the company Liberty in London.

Blog Image

Blog ImageBlog Image

The fashion show of Luella Bartley

Blog ImageBlog Image

The NIKE women "Dunk Hi Liberty" in limited edition


Blog Image

The Liberty Eiffel Tower decal- Les Invasions Ephemeres-

Blog Image

The so chic little dress/blouse (3 months until 2 years)- Marie Puce-

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A new Street Art : the knitting

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Thu, April 17, 2008 17:21:06

It is a new trend of knitters getting together and knitting things around public property. The groupe in Stockholm is called Masquerade . There is also a famous guerilla knitting crew in Texas

A tag crew of knitters, bombing the inner city with vibrant, stitched works of art, wrapped around everything from public monuments, utility poles and all what they feel. So the Masquerade´girls, if you come to Svartmangatan 10, exprime yourself you are more than welcome!

The Bobo advice : During the week-end, enjoy yourself following their mapp and see Stockholm in a different way!!!

The mapp:

Blog Image

Blog Image

Blog Image

and of course they travel!!!

Blog Image

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A Bobo music

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Sat, April 12, 2008 17:09:36

Just because j´adoore!!!

Good listinning!

Blog Image

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Some Bobo Wallpapers

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Sat, April 12, 2008 15:30:34

I love the one for the shoe lovers from the swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson The others are from several artists for Marimekko.

The Bobo advice : put for exemple the shoes wallpapers inside of your wardrobe or your dressing room so chic! ...and in general to consommate but with moderation!

Blog Image

I like also the wallpaper with books in the shelves from the new Pontus restaurang in Stockholm.

Blog Image

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The Bobo bicycle?

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Thu, April 10, 2008 17:12:15

Naturelly, we are the "dutch style" bike and not the sportive style one at all.

For the Bobo style : customise your bike or your basket this is even better(painting, decalls, flowers, bands...)be creative! and stay chic in your outfit!

Blog Image

foto Velovotee on Flickr

Ask someone to take a picture of you and send it to me and to this fun website Copenhagen Cycle Chic they will certainly blogg it as me!

Blog Image

For sweden ma favourite basket is from Design House Stockholm and it is very easy to customise and you can used it also as a shopping basket...

Blog Image

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The best Bobo place in Stockholm

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Sat, April 05, 2008 14:50:06

Of course after the Bobo Gallery it´s the ROSENDAL TRÄDEGÅRD in Djurgården.

I love this ecological, artistic place! There are a coffe restaurang place, a bakery, a shop with only ecological products and a place where you can buy flowers for your garden, your balcony...

The must Bobo:

- an original business lunch during the week, Tuesday -Friday 11h-17h

- a nice brunch and walk in family during the week end, now open sat & sund 11h-17h

"The garden in the garden" with the little meditation corner

Blog Image

Blog Image

Blog Image

Their exhibition of ancient watering cans!

Blog Image

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Kitchen Art just for you!

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Fri, April 04, 2008 16:31:26

Imagine to have some Art in your kitchen...It´s so chic, so original, so Bobo!!!

In exclusivity, you will find in the Bobo Gallery, the Kitchen Art of Corinne Dalle-Ore (have a look in the category the Bobo Artists)

They are so fresh, so colourful, I love it!!!

Blog Image

"Hötorget, poireaux rouges" 30cmx30cm

Blog Image

"Ostermalmsturg, poivrons jaune" 30cmx30cm

Blog Image

"Swedish salmon, orange"30cmx30cm

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Do you have your pop box?

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Wed, April 02, 2008 16:38:46

There is currently a special exhibition about Andy Warhol at the Moderna Museet i Stockholm. I found at the Museum´shop the most Bobo souvenir : The Andy Warhol pop box.

This box offers a unique peek at Andy Warhol's vibrant, chaotic life. Just like the endless boxes of "stuff" he himself collected, There is abit of everything in. Included are reproductions of invitations, letters from Elizabeth Taylor and Mick Jagger, photos, astrological charts, and other artifacts of his unconventional creative process. A color booklet outlines the meaning of each item. Also included are a ring-shaped Factory stamp, a Campbell's Soup button, and a complimentary pass to The Andy Warhol Museum.

You can used it also as your creative box!!!

Blog Image

Blog Image

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For him : The best fantasy

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Mon, March 31, 2008 16:00:20

I have for you at the Bobo Gallery, you the Bobo women, the best gift that you will offer to HIM but in reality is for you...

Collect (via HIM) the signed limited edition prints of Kavel Rafferty (ref the Bobo artists category)

Kavel said : Using a domestic setting to examine sexual stereotypes, exploring the idea that the ideal woman is a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom. Mixing roles traditionally assigned to a wife or a mistress, doing her household chores in her underwear, ironing semi nude and cooking in little more than an apron.
The prints convey a frisson of the excitement associated with catching a forbidden moment, evoking the furtive pleasures of a peeping tom or 'What the Butler Saw'. The viewer feels drawn into a voyeuristic world in which they watch the intimate moments of the subjects unfold before them from a hidden vantage point.

His fantesy will be activated may be yours also and you will have several of these gorgeous prints: I had already 3!!!

Signed limited edition of 20. Heat transfer print on paper, mounted on to architectural tablets. The blocks are painted white and are 4cm deep. 20cm wide by 20cm height.

Blog Image

Blog ImageBlog Image

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Participate to a Freeze

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Sat, March 29, 2008 14:54:37

Live a unique, funny, bobo, simple experience participating to a Freeze.

The Freeze come from the Flashs mobs which had been already organized in different big cities in the world. The idea is that lots of people meet at the same place and freeze in their position at a exact same moment during 1 to 3 minutes .Of course, the scene is filmed and the result is very spectacular.The best thing is to look at the others persons and tourists stopped to notice what was happening around them.

It will be very fun to organize one in Stockholm and with the weather the word freeze is so appropriated!!! Someone told me that there had already one in central station in Stockholm...

Enjoy the video

Blog Image

After New-York,London, the last one was in Paris to the Trocadero...

Blog Image

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Bonnie and Clyde song

The Bobo stylePosted by Geraldine Thu, March 27, 2008 17:53:06

In my ex post "Repetto", I talked about Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg who had been together and had sang Bonnie & Clyde (1968).

Listen to this mythical song and look at the video, so glamourous and so modern!

Blog Image

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