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Art, paintings, accessories( jewellery, decoration...), children clothes from French and Swedish artists. 100% in exclusivity.
Welcome to the Gallery (in Stockholm) and be the first one to discover the exclusive creators of the first Bourgeois-Bohème collection in Sweden.
To discover some artists that you can find at the Bobo Gallery in Gamla Stan have a look in the Bobo artists category.

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A French Bo-bo parisian who fell in love with a Swedish guy and moved to Stockholm.

The new collection of Mattin´s necklaces

The Bobo artistsPosted by Geraldine Thu, July 03, 2008 15:41:56

I became a fan of Mattin´s necklaces at the first sight more than one year ago.

As the so talented creator says:

Mattin is a young brand for every little one of us who wants to feel just a tiny bit more beautiful.

With a new-thinking design, Mattin is the right brand for you who wants to be like no one else or just like everybody else but with a slight difference.

The “chic and bling bling” brand Mattin is unisex, it really is unisex this time, for sure unisex, BOYS!

The Bobo advice : have yours in first!!!

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