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The Bobo Gallery
Art, paintings, accessories( jewellery, decoration...), children clothes from French and Swedish artists. 100% in exclusivity.
Welcome to the Gallery (in Stockholm) and be the first one to discover the exclusive creators of the first Bourgeois-Bohème collection in Sweden.
To discover some artists that you can find at the Bobo Gallery in Gamla Stan have a look in the Bobo artists category.

About me
A French Bo-bo parisian who fell in love with a Swedish guy and moved to Stockholm.

Wedding exhibition at The BoBo Gallery

The Bobo newsPosted by Geraldine Mon, June 07, 2010 16:12:45

The BoBo Gallery and Bénédicte Chapuis, Corinne Dalle-Ore, Christián Serrano, Danijela Dobric, Emma Hedberg, Fredrik Färg, Hale Gungor, Karina Pioner, Kerstin Arfwedson, Laura Cocchi, Lisa Lancing, Marianne Peltzer, Mattin, Mirette Guldstrand, Märta Rovin, Nathalie Ged, Sylvain Runberg, Teres Selberg, Tina Kentner, Valérie Debray, Viviane Hedberg
are pleased to invite you to
the collective exhibition on the theme of wedding!
During the month of June 2010!
We are not so interested in the debate to be for or against the monarchy. We just love art and we love to create!
The wedding theme has been our pretext to gather artists and arts from different cultures around the same subject so to see their creations and their different visions of the same theme!
The BoBo Gallery
Svartmangatan 10
111 29 Stockholm
Openning hours: Monday-Friday 2pm -6pm, Saturday 12pm- 17pm

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