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The Bobo Gallery
Art, paintings, accessories( jewellery, decoration...), children clothes from French and Swedish artists. 100% in exclusivity.
Welcome to the Gallery (in Stockholm) and be the first one to discover the exclusive creators of the first Bourgeois-Bohème collection in Sweden.
To discover some artists that you can find at the Bobo Gallery in Gamla Stan have a look in the Bobo artists category.

About me
A French Bo-bo parisian who fell in love with a Swedish guy and moved to Stockholm.

What is Bo-Bo? Bobo? or bobo?

Are you a Bobo ?Posted by Geraldine Tue, March 25, 2008 15:25:41

What is Bo-Bo?

The word bobo, or Bo-Bo, originates from the English language and is an abbreviation of “bourgeois bohemian”, which is a very common expression in France, and especially in Paris.

Bobo, or Bo-Bo, refers to an individual who: lives in an urban area, is considered to be cultivated, enjoys shopping, and is also something of a non-conformist. The Bo-Bo person is someone who is regarded to be a chic and trend-conscious person, and at the same time maintains a relaxed approach to life. Environmental protection and ecological lifestyle is also closely linked to a Bo-Bo person.

To be Bo-Bo also means to find and acknowledge young emerging artists and creators before everybody else does it, and before they become too famous and too commercial for the Bo-Bo people. Also, to be Bo-Bo is to create your own personal style by not having the same thing or the same taste as everyone else.

Of course, this definition of a Bo-Bo should be taken with a sense of humor!

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Posted by Chien de Pique Tue, December 28, 2010 18:05:13

What is the difference between BoBo and LOHA ?

Posted by atheeworld Wed, November 19, 2008 22:22:52


Posted by Morgane Wed, May 21, 2008 22:30:34

Coucou Géraldine

Juste un petit mot pour te dire que ton blog est vraiment cool, et te féliciter pour ton entreprise joyeusement bobo! Avec juste ce qu'il faut d'avant-gardiste, sans tomber dans le "trop pointu", tu montres une image décalée et glamour du chic parisien. Bravo et pleins de bonnes choses pour la suite! Biz